Our experience makes us different

Success comes from knowing what works but also from knowing what doesn't. Our staff of licensed funeral directors have successfully managed funeral homes and preneed programs with the largest companies in the industry. While helping firms build premier preneed programs is our primary focus, we have the experience and background needed to help you with any challenges you may be facing with your business. 

Exclusive programs developed by Funeral Directors

As funeral directors we understand that your firm's reputation is extremely important. Enhancing the funeral home's image in the community is the benchmark we used in developing all of our programs. Our exclusive programs are highly ethical and were developed not only to amplify your presence and grow your market share fast, but also to build goodwill and elevate your firm's image.

Wide range of services

With the many changes taking place in the industry, funeral homes are facing many different challenges. Preneed success or failure is often a result of how a firm addresses those challenges. Many times problems occur outside the realm of preneed that can directly influence a programs success. Thats why we offer a broad range of services to our clients.


Helping provide preneed solutions for the families you serve is our passion, but we offer more...much more!

Helping provide preneed solutions to those you serve is our passion, but we do more...much more! 

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